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Sweet Bitz: Ishokuhada


This was my first project where I took a creative director role for. I have been fascinated with Japanese street fashion for years and wanted to bring that aspect into my brand, Sweet Bitz. One style of j-fashion is called Ishokuhada, which is the theme of this shoot. I researched many styles of the look so I can incorporate all elements appropriately. I designed some new products for the models to wear for this shoot, and went on the hunt for the perfect location. I chose an arcade for two reasons. One, you can get all types of different lighting at this particular arcade that reflected well in the photos and worked perfectly for the themed. And two, the arcade games surrounding the models feeds into the nerdy aspect of the brand. The photographer, Trevor Soriano, has always done amazing work for me and I knew I could count on his assistance in bringing my vision for this shoot to life.